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Browse the tabs below to find tips from editors, video guides, articles, and other resources for reviewers to learn everything from the basics of peer review to providing the highest quality reviews for AATS journals.

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Dr. Patterson, Editor-in-Chief of AATS Journals, discusses the importance of peer review.

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Reviewer Resource Center

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Check out these editor videos, articles, and additional links to learn how to prepare to review a manuscript.

Peer-review Process and Manuscript Life Cycle

Dr. Thomas D'Amico discusses the life cycle of a manuscript and the peer review process at JTCVS.

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Dr. Mara Antonoff's Complete Scholarly Peer Review Strategy

Dr. Mara Antonoff discusses her strategy for performing high-quality peer review in this video.

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How Long Should I Spend on Review Preparation?

Dr. Nick Andersen discusses how his time spent preparing to review a manuscript has evolved from his early reviewer days.

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Reviewing scientific manuscripts: A comprehensive guide for peer reviewers

By understanding and implementing the elements of reviewing scientific manuscripts, peer reviewers will contribute to accurate and impactful published literature.

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Equator Network Peer Review Toolkit

This website provides reporting guidelines for main study types. Scientists can use these guidelines when writing or reviewing research.

Equator Network Guidelines

Use of Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) and AI-Assisted Technologies in the Peer Review Process

The AATS Journals prohibit reviewers from using generative AI and AI-assisted technologies to evaluate manuscripts.

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JTCVS Author Guidelines

Page 38 of the Author Guidelines includes important information for reviewers.

JTCVS Guidelines

AATS Journals Reviewers Guide

The AATS Editorial Office's complete guide to reviewing for our journals.

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Check out these editor videos, articles, and additional links to learn tips on writing a review.

Outline for Reviewers

Dr. Mara Antonoff discusses each step of the review process and written key takeaways for reviewers

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Writing a Quality Review

Dr. Lisa Brown shares her tips for writing a high quality review (as well as writing high quality manuscripts)

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Outline for Statistical Reviewers

Dr. Hunter Mehaffey discusses each step of the review process for statistical reviewers

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Tips for Statistical Reviewers

View tips from Editors on reviewing specific statistical methods

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Dos and Don'ts for Reviewers

Editors and Editorial Board Members provide reviewers their dos and don'ts when reviewing.

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Editorial Manager Guide for Reviewers

This video provides a walkthrough of the Reviewer Main Menu in Editorial Manager, including how to respond to invitations, submitting reviews, and more.

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Check out these links to understand how to make a recommendation when reviewing for an AATS Journal.

Comments to the Editor

Dr. Fuller discusses some important elements of peer review, including why reviewers should leave comments to the editor.

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Recommendation Terms

Understanding the list of available recommendation terms in the AATS Journals

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Accept or Transfer

Dr. Fuller explains how editors determine which journal submissions are directed to.

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Elsevier's Reviewer Hub

From your Elsevier Reviewer Hub, you can organize your reviews, volunteer to review, activate your complimentary access to Scopus/Science Direct, claim certificates, download your review history report, and set your review preferences.

Elsevier's Reviewer Hub

Pathway to Editorial Board Membership

JTCVS Editors discuss the pathway from being a reviewer to joining the editorial board.

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Editorial Board Membership Requirements

Read more about the Editorial Board membership requirements

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How Reviewing Impacts Your Career

AATS Members and JTCVS Editorial Board Members discuss how reviewing manuscripts has shaped their career.

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AATS Journals Webinars Series

The AATS Journals Webinar series occurs bimonthly on the fourth Wednesday of each month. Cardiothoracic surgeons can learn about the latest news, research, procedures, and technological advances in the field through a variety of publications from the AATS. Prior AATS Journals webinars can be viewed online in the AATS Digital Resource Library.

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