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AATS Quality Gateway

A modern registry using a machine learning algorithm with real-time risk adjustment to better improve patient care.

An Introduction to the AATS Quality Gateway

Learn more about the AATS Quality Gateway in this editorial in JTCVS from President Lars G. Svensson and President-Elect David R. Jones. (January 2024).

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Real-time Risk Adjustment

AQG has a unique machine learning algorithm, reflecting virtually every cardiac procedure with real-time risk adjustment.

Fewer Variables

AQG requires significantly fewer variables per patient which reduces abstraction time, expense, and opportunities for inaccuracy.

Center-specific Risk Modeling

Risk modeling can be made specific to a center, hospital system, or individual surgeon with virtually every cardiac procedure.

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Pilot sites are currently contributing data to AQG, and working within the registry at their institutions. There are incentives for early participation.

If you would like to learn more about the AQG or ways in which you might participate, please contact us.

AATS Quality Gateway
(978) 252-2200 Ext. 555