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Heart-Lung Transplantation Clinical Practice Standards Committee

The CPSC nominates surgeons to writing groups within and outside of the AATS to contribute in a meaningful way to the guidelines and best practices that steer both the Heart and Lung transplant specialties.

This group also identifies cutting edge topics that the writing groups within the AATS thoroughly research and give guidance and recommendation on through the creation of expert consensus documents.


Marcelo Cypel, MD


Scott C. Silvestry, MD


Leonard N. Girardi, MD


Frank D'Ovidio, MD, PhD


Matthew Hartwig, MD


David James Kaczorowski, MD


Carmelo Milano, MD


Varun Puri, MD, MSCI

Writing Groups

Indications and Guidelines for DCD Heart Donors

Writing group in the Heart Transplant specialty exploring the identification of heart donors after Cardiac death and best practices in guiding DCD programs

Mechanical Circulatory Support in Lung Transplantation

Writing group in the Lung Transplant specialty exploring the best practices in supporting the patient through Mechanical Circulatory means before, during or after lung transplantation