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AATS 360 App

Create an Agenda for AATS Events

Make the most of your AATS event experience by creating a personalized daily agenda that is easily accessible within the app.

Create an AATS Event Schedule

Add AATS events to a personalized schedule within the app and to your phone's calendar. Share events with other users within the app.

Navigating the App

Access a range of features within the app such as discussion boards, digital educational resources, publications, and webinars. View your bookmarked posts, take personal notes, and consider donating to the AATS Foundation.

Connect with Other Users

Make connections using direct and group messages within the app. Easily share posts and events with other users. Get important updates from the AATS News feature and join in on the discussion. View Twitter posts from @AATSHQ to stay in the loop.

The AATS 360 App is supported by Cedars-Sinai.

For AATS sponsorship opportunities, please contact Caroline Arrington at<