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Leadership Academy

Career Stage: Early Career Surgeons

Program Type: Annual Meeting Program

Specialty: Multi-specialty

Status: Open

Opens: October 31, 2022

Deadline: January 3, 2023

Program Overview

The AATS Leadership Academy provides participants with the administrative, interpersonal, and mentoring skills necessary to serve successfully as an academic cardiothoracic surgeon. The intensive, didactic, and interactive program gives up to 20 surgeons the opportunity to interact with well-known thoracic surgical leaders who might subsequently serve as personal mentors. Academy faculty will consist of well-known leaders in cardiothoracic surgery as well as invited guest speakers.

Leadership Academy Values

Regardless of the size or location of an institution, the core non-technical skills associated with serving in a leadership position remain the same. This program aims to help those interested in acquiring or refining that skill set in an informal setting where faculty presentations and open forum discussion generate ideas that can be implemented upon returning to your institution.

In addition to being one of the more intimate sessions in cardiothoracic surgery to gain insights into non-technical skills development, the Leadership Academy Committee has taken pride in providing attendees with a focused networking opportunity to build long-term professional relationships. An important part of this is a 1:1 ratio of attendees to faculty with mandatory attendance and active participation required of everyone.

AATS Values

  • Leadership: Demonstrating citizenship, integrity and professionalism
  • Education: Disseminating knowledge and commitment to lifelong learning
  • Research and Innovation: Advancing the field through the creation and application of new knowledge
  • Excellence in Patient Care: Dedicating ourselves to the care of thoracic and cardiovascular patients
  • Mentoring: Fostering the next generation of healthcare specialists for thoracic and cardiovascular patients

Eligibility Requirements

Candidates must meet the following qualifications:

  • Eligibility – In order to be considered for this year’s Leadership Academy applicants must be either:
    • An active North American surgeon, currently serving as a junior faculty member. Candidates must be in an academic appointment for no more than four years
    • A resident within their last two years of residency with an intention of starting an academic appointment upon its conclusion.
  • Displays evidence of academic and leadership accomplishments.
  • Quality of their letters of support outlining how participation in this program coincides with their career aspirations.
  • Personal statement outlining future career goals.

Application Process

The deadline to submit an application is January 3, 2023. In addition to a formal online application, candidates are also required to upload the following materials:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Statement of career goals
  • Narrative of what you hope to gain from the program
  • Two letters of support, including one from your Chief of Surgery

To Apply

Apply by the January 3, 2023 deadline in order to be considered.

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