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AATS Foundation Equity Award

Career Stage: Early Career Surgeons, Mid-Career Surgeons

Program Type: Career Development Award

Specialty: Thoracic

Status: Upcoming

Opens: The next opening date is being determined.

Program Overview

This award provides up to $50,000 per year for up to 3 years for early to mid-career women and faculty underrepresented in medicine (defined by the AAMC) to develop the foundations for successful careers in academic cardiothoracic surgery. Awardees will additionally be invited to join the AATS Abstract Review Committee in the year of their award, and the AATS Foundation Award selection committee for the year following their award, with the aim of supporting academic mentorship and development.

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Eligibility Requirements

  • Early to mid-career thoracic surgeon (instructor & assistant professor level, between 3 and 8 years of initial faculty appointment).
  • Have an academic medical center faculty appointment.

Application Process

  • Applicants should provide a curriculum vitae with a full description of their surgical experience.
  • Description of what they plan to utilize the funding for.
  • Detailed budget with justification of funds (up to 10% of the total funding can be used for indirect costs and/or overhead assessments)
  • Letter of support from their department chair or division chief. *
  • One-page narrative describing the relationship of the proposal to the applicant’s career goals.

*For those looking to send letters of support for the candidate directly to the AATS Foundation, please email


Applications requesting up to $50,000 per year for up to three years will be considered, as well as proposals with smaller short-term requests. For each subsequent year of funding, a progress report and request for additional funding are required prior to the end of the originally funded year. Additional funding will be made after review of the progress report. Any publications from activity supported by the award must include acknowledgement of the award. Please note that any award payments made to foreign individuals may be subject to federal tax withholding of up to 30% if a recipient is traveling to the United States.

Allowable Uses of Funds

  • Additional research/statistical support or development personnel. This option would allow the faculty member to continue their full clinical responsibilities and research commitments while supporting a dedicated individual to focus on grant writing, partnership building, proposal assembly, and/or data generation.
  • Combination of the above modes as appropriate. Resources may also be utilized for travel, partnership building, or other proposal-related activities as appropriate.
  • For justified faculty site visits (10 days maximum), invited lectureships, or hosting visiting professors with similar academic/research interests as the applicant at their home institution.
  • Included in the plan and budget, the applicant must identify a professional development activity each year (e.g. AAMC Early Career Women Faculty Leadership Development Seminar, AAMC Minority Faculty Leadership Development Seminar, AATS Leadership Academy, Leadership course training, etc.).
  • Additional support mechanisms and activities might be acceptable if there is a clear justification and need for the development of a specific funding opportunity.
  • Requests for equipment purchases will not be considered.
  • Detailed budget with justification of funds (up to 10% of the total funding can be used for indirect costs and/or overhead assessments)

Review Process

The AATS Foundation’s Equity & Career Development Scholarship Committee will review all applications and recommend recipients to be presented to AATS Foundation Board of Directors for a final decision. Applications will be graded on all aspects of the award criteria.

Completion of Program

At the conclusion of the experience, a final report must be submitted, highlighting all activities and the advances achieved. The recipient will also work closely with AATS Foundation staff to determine ways to share details with a larger audience.

All applicants will be notified with an official letter from the AATS Foundation within 2-3 months of the program deadline. Should you have any questions regarding your status prior to receiving this notification, please contact

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