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The Reach of Our Programs

The AATS and AATS Foundation programs are advancing innovation in cardiothoracic surgery around the world. Some have been in effect for decades; others have been added over time. The Association and Foundation have been a major force in the field, reaching surgeons from six continents. Fellowships and research scholarships bring the community of cardiothoracic surgeons together and create bonds that last lifetimes.


The AATS Foundation strongly believes in the importance of research opportunities available to young thoracic and cardiovascular surgeons.

Since 1985, the esteemed Research Scholarship has supported a two-year research award for young faculty pursuing an academic career. This program honors several of the pioneers in thoracic and cardiovascular surgery and some of the leaders of today were early recipients of the scholarship.

A second flagship program, the Surgical Investigator Program, was launched in 2014 to support the cutting-edge research of future leaders in the field. The two-year grant funds young thoracic and cardiovascular surgeons in clinical or translational research on topics related to quality and outcomes research, and studies of new and innovative therapies, procedures, and technologies in thoracic and cardiovascular surgery.

Honoring Our Mentors Program

The AATS Foundation Honoring Our Mentors Programs have been established to honor those cardiothoracic surgeons who have demonstrated long-standing leadership and dedication over the course of their careers to the surgical specialty and their trainees. Those that have created these awards are immortalizing their mentors’ legacies through these initiatives, as well as helping to cultivate the leaders of tomorrow. The award winners then foster the careers of other young surgeons, thereby continuing the education cycle. Support of these programs is essential to promote our specialty for the next generation of leaders, educators, and surgeons.


The Foundation's oldest program is the Evarts A. Graham Traveling Fellowship which was established in 1951. It provides support for young surgeons outside the United States to come to North America to intensify their training in a program of special interest and to increase their contacts with cardiothoracic surgeons around the world. Today, the Foundation has a number of cardiac, thoracic, and congenital fellowships that are available for North American and international surgeons. These programs vary and offer a variety of opportunities for those interested in enhancing their surgical skills and knowledge. To learn more about all of the available training opportunities currently being offered by the AATS or AATS Foundation, please visit our Scholarships page.