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Policy for AATS Participation in North American In-Person Educational Activities

  • AATS’s participation will be limited to “Co-Sponsorship” which can be defined as:
    • AATS is involved in the program development through either Program Director and/or Program Committee positions
    • AATS must be listed as a “Co-Sponsor” and/or “Sponsor” of the event, if approved
  • Proposed meeting topics and content must be aligned with AATS member interests, the AATS Mission, and AATS values. AATS also strongly encourages that programs included multidisciplinary participation from faculty across aligned specialties
  • To avoid any perceived bias, AATS will not participate in and/or co-sponsor any single institution’s educational events. AATS will consider requests received by professional associations, societies, and Foundations
  • AATS will not be responsible for any pre/post meeting financial support of the program
  • The requesting organization will be responsible for the overall management of the program and will provide physicians with Continuing Medical Education (CME) credit
  • All requests must be submitted prior to the program in consideration is finalized. AATS Prefers that requests are received no less than six months in advance.
  • Requests will be vetted by the AATS education committees with final decision made by the Executive Committee and/or Board of Directors
  • AATS prefers to be the sole co-sponsoring organization
  • The requesting organization is responsible for event management (unless otherwise approved by AATS)
  • Unrestricted coach travel, hotel accommodations, and meeting registration must be provided for all AATS identified faculty
  • AATS will not be responsible for any pre/post meeting financial support of the program
  • Program cannot disparage other meetings or overlap with any AATS or affiliated national and/or international meetings
  • AATS members must be offered discounted registration
  • Post meeting materials must be reviewed by AATS Education Committees

Marketing Considerations

  • AATS will provide marketing assistance, including blast email(s), distributing program literature at all AATS events
  • AATS name and logo will be utilized appropriately on all marketing materials and AATS will be provided a review period for all materials
  • AATS has approval over use of name, brand, and logo for all marketing/promotional materials
  • AATS will be given an opportunity to promote Association related materials to attendees and/or to the requesting organization’s membership


  • AATS reserves the right to negotiate a royalty fee for providing the benefits of the co-sponsorship.

To submit a request for collaboration or have any information on these requirements please contact the Association's administrative office at

Amended by the Board of Directors, March 2022