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Fostering Careers. Developing Leaders.

The Foundation

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Help support the future of cardiothoracic surgery by making a donation. Individual contributions go directly to Foundation initiatives.

About Us

Fostering Careers, Developing Leaders  ̶  Since 1973, the AATS Foundation has supported cardiothoracic surgeons in research and education.

Our Programs

AATS Foundation Fellowships and Research Scholarships bring the community of cardiothoracic surgeons together and create bonds that last lifetimes. 


Educating Tomorrow's Leaders

AATS Foundation's educational and research programs support residents, fellows, and surgeons worldwide to enhance their overall surgical knowledge and technical skills. The Foundation inspires leadership that maintains excellence for future generations of surgeons. Leaders in the field have received funding from the AATS Foundation, and the support they received early in their careers helped them make significant contributions to the specialty. 

Honoring Our Mentors

The AATS Foundation Honoring Our Mentors Program recognizes prominent cardiothoracic surgeons who have demonstrated longstanding leadership and dedication. Learn more about our established programs and the ability to create a new program to recognize a mentor.

In Memory of David J. Sugarbaker, MD AATS Foundation President, 2012-2018

David J. Sugarbaker’s impact on the AATS, the AATS Foundation, and the field of cardiothoracic surgery is immeasurable. Through his service as AATS President, Treasurer, and Councilor, and long standing President of the Foundation, Dr. Sugarbaker personified the AATS’ core values. Thanks to his leadership and focused attention, he played a major role in transforming the Association into a contemporary, international, and philanthropic organization.