Travel Awards for the AATS Foundation
Heart Care Team Education Program

April 13, 2019 – April 15, 2019
Nanjing, China

Chinese cardiothoracic surgeons are eligible for a $1,000 travel award to the 2019 AATS Education Program at Drum Tower Hospital in Nanjing, China. 

Awardees will join AATS leader Dr. Duke E. Cameron and other members of the Massachusetts General Hospital Heart Care Team, April 13 to 15, 2019, at Drum Tower Hospital to participate in pre-op and ICU visits, attend an interactive symposium, and watch video of surgeries.

Funded by Edwards Lifesciences Foundation, this program directly addresses the Edwards Lifesciences Foundation Every Heartbeat Matters initiative of impacting the global burden of heart valve disease by supporting the education, screening, and treatment of 1.5 million underserved people by 2020.

Chinese cardiothoracic surgeons from under-resourced facilities who are treating underserved patients and looking to acquire additional skills and knowledge to enhance the care they provide are eligible to apply for this award to attend the 2019 AATS Education Program in Nanjing, China.

To apply for a travel award, Chinese cardiothoracic surgeons must fill out the application request form and provide information on the role they currently play in serving underserved individuals, as well as how the hands-on program will assist them in expanding their patient base. Successful applicants will be reimbursed up to $1,000 after the conclusion of the program to assist with airfare and hotel accommodations. If you cannot accept a US check, a wiring fee will be deducted from your award to transfer the funds to your account.  

Education Program Overview 

Faculty in Attendance 

Duke E. Cameron, MD, Cardiac Surgeon, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts, 98th AATS President
Jason Zhensheng Qu, MD, Anesthesiologist, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts
Kenneth T. Shelton, MD, Intensivist, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts
Seun Johnson-Akeju, MD, Anesthesiologist, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts

Program Goals 

The experts of American Association for Thoracic Surgery, Massachusetts General Hospital, Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital and other hospitals from China will demonstrate the importance of multidisciplinary team approach in taking care of complicated cardiac surgery patients. This One Heart Team approach consists of cardiologist, anesthesiologists, intensivist, perfusionist, nurse as well as a cardiac surgeon.  

Review Process 

The AATS Foundation’s Travel Award Committee will review and grade all applicants based on the specific award criteria, with an emphasis on the impact the award may have on treating the underserved population in the applicants’ home country.

Award Notification

Recipients will be notified by the end of March 2019.

The 2019 deadline has passed.