Grant Writing Workshop

Final Program
Day 1: Friday, March 10, 2017

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7:00 AM


7:30 AM

Introduction and Welcome
David R. Jones & Y. Joseph Woo


Session 1: Diverse Grant Mechanisms
Moderated by: Sunil Singhal & Todd Rosengart

7:35 AM

Academic Career Development
David R. Jones

8:00 AM

Department StartUp Funds, Intramural Seed Grants, Foundation/Society Fellowships
Y. Joseph Woo

8:15 AM

Industry Sponsored Research Agreements (SRA)
Pavan Alturi

8:30 AM

Career Development Grants: K08 and K23 – Which is the Right One for Me?
Gorav Ailawadi

8:45 AM

SBIR: A More Viable NIH Grant Option?
Todd Rosengart

9:00 AM

Pirooz Eghtesady

9:15 AM

The PCORI Grant Process
Leah Backhus

9:30 AM

Grantsmanship and Your First Grant – What They Don’t Tell You in the Instructions
Jennifer S. Lawton

9:45 AM


10:00 AM




Session 2: Specific Grant Components
Moderated by: Pirooz Eghtesady & Y. Joseph Woo

10:25 AM

Hypothesis and Specific Aims - The Importance of Clarity
Prasad Adusumilli

10:45 AM

Research Strategy - Significance - Why is Your Research Important?
Elaine Tseng

11:05 AM

Research Strategy - Innovation - How to Make Your Grant New and Unique
Sunil Singhal

11:25 AM

Research Strategy - Approach - Your Proposed Experiments
Mark Onaitis

11:45 AM


12:00 PM

Lunch and Poster Session
Moderated by: Jennifer S. Lawton & Pedro del Nido



Session 3: The NIH Review Process from Three Perspectives
Moderated by: Mark Onaitis & David R. Jones

1:15 PM

Surgeon and NIH’s Perspective of the Grant Process
Pedro del Nido

1:45 PM

NIH Officer's Perspective
Tim Baldwin

2:15 PM

Question and Answer Period

2:30 PM




Session 4: Mock Study Section

2:45 PM

Mock Study Section



Session 5: Conclusion

5:00 PM

Question and Answer and Final Remarks
David R. Jones & Y. Joseph Woo

5:30 PM