Cardiovascular Valve Symposium

Day 1: Friday, November 20, 2015

6:15 am Continental Breakfast
7:25 am Welcome on Behalf of the AATS
Joseph S. Coselli
7:30 am Plenary Session I: Basic Principles in Mitral Valve Disease
David H. Adams and Tirone E. David
7:30 am Valve Analysis and Pathoanatomy
David H. Adams
7:40 am Clinical Stages of Mitral Valve Disease
Robert Bonow
7:50 am
Clinical Triggers in Mitral Valve Disease
Randolph P. Martin
8:00 am
What a Surgeon Wants From an Echocardiographer
Claudio H. Fischer
8:10 am
Case Presentations and Discussion
8:30 am Plendary Session II: Basic Principles in Mitral Valve Repair
David H. Adams and Fernando Moraes
8:30 am Basic Principles of Degenerative Mitral Valve Repair
Manuel J. Antunes
8:40 am Basic Principles of Rheumatic Mitral Valve Repair
Gebrine El Khoury
8:50 am  Basic Principles of Mitral Valve Repair in the Young
Pedro J. del Nido
9:00 am Evaluating a Successful Mitral Valve Repair in the Operating Room and Beyond
Tirone E. David
9:10 am  Case Presentations and Discussion
9:30 am Coffee Break
10:00 am Plenary Session III: Mitral Valve Repair Tips and Techniques
Manuel J. Antunes and Pablo Pomerantzeff
10:00 am Rheumatic Valve Repair
Gebrine El Khoury
10:10 am Posterior Leaflet Prolapse Repair
Renato Kalil
10:20 am Anterior Leaflet Prolapse Repair
10:40 am  Case Presentations and Discussion
11:00 am AATS Special Invited Lecture: Ebstein's Anomaly
Moderator: Pedro J. Del Nido
Lecturer: Jose Pedro da Silva
11:45 am  Lunch Symposium
1:15 pm Plendary Session IV: Basic Principles of Aortic Valve Disease
Thoralf M. Sundt and Walter J. Gomes
1:15 pm Surgical Anatomy of Aortic Valve and Root
Gebrine El Khoury
1:25 pm Functional Imaging of the Aortic Valve
Randolph P. Martin
1:35 pm   Principles of Aortic Valve Repair
Tirone E. David
1:45 pm  Minimally Invasive Approaches to AVR
Olivio Souza Neto
1:55 pm  Case Presentations and Discussion
2:15 pm     Plenary Session V: Options for the Young Patient
Joseph S. Coselli and Ibrahim Pinto
2:15 pm     Bioprosthetic or Mechanical Prosthesis in the Young Man? In the Young Woman?
Flavio Tarasoutchi
2:25 pm  Does the Ross Procedure Have a Place in Unicuspid and Bicuspid Disease?
Gebrine El Khoury
2:35 pm The Use of Tissue Substitutes for Valve Repair
Pedro J. del Nido
2:45 pm  The Role Of Decellularized Valve Prostheses In The Young Patient
Francisco D. da Costa
2:55 pm       Case Presentations and Discussion
3:15 pm   Coffee Break
3:45 pm Special Session of AATS/BSCS/BSC/BSCIC/SPSC: The Valve Trials and Guidelines
David Adams and Roberto Favaloro
3:45 pm  What's New in the Guidelines: Evaluation and Management of “Asymptomatic” Aortic Valve Disease
Robert Bonow
3:55 pm Guideline Driven TAVR therapy
Igor Palacios
4:05 pm  Ischemic Mitral Valve Disease: Repair, Replace or Ignore?
Fabio B. Jatene
4:15 pm What to do when the European and North American Guidelines Differ
Manuel J. Antunes
4:25 pm How Does a Practicing Clinician use the Guidelines
Blasé Carabello
4:35 pm Panel Discussion
Panel: Robert Bonow, Igor Palacios, Fabio B. Jatene, Manuel J. Antunes, Blasé Carabello
4:55 pm          Adjourn

Day 2: Saturday, November 21, 2015

7:30 am Continental Breakfast
8:00 am Plenary Session VI: New Trends in Aortic Valve Surgery
Marc R. Moon and Helio Roque Figueira
8:00 am Transfemoral Approach
Alexandre Siciliano
8:10 am Transaortic Approach
Marc R. Moon
8:20 am Transapical Approach
Énio Buffolo
8:30 am  Rapid Deployment Aortic Valves: What is their place?
Joao Carlos Leal
8:40 am Case Presentations and Discussion
9:00 am Plenary Session VII: Controversies in Mitral Regurgitation
David H. Adams and Tirone E. David
9:00 am  Repair Strategies in Mitral Valve Endocarditis: When to do What?
Gebrine El Khoury
9:10 am  Concomitant Surgery: When to Intervene on Moderate MR?
Marc R. Moon
9:20 am Concomitant Surgery: When to Intervene on Mild to Moderate TR?
David H. Adams
9:30 am  Concomitant Surgery: When to Add an Arrhythmia Procedure to a Valve Operation
Thoralf M. Sundt
9:40 am Minimally Invasive Mitral Surgery: Robotic or Thoracoscopic?
Juan Umana
9:50 am No Need for an Incision
Igor Palacios
10:00 am Case Presentations and Discussion
10:20 am Coffee Break
10:45 am Plenary Session VIII: Live in Box - Complex Mitral Valve Scenarios
Marc R. Moon and Thoralf M. Sundt
Panel: Gustavo Calladon, Manuel J. Antunesn, Fabio Jatene, and Max Grinberg
10:45 am Complex Mitral Scenario I
Pedro J. del Nido
11:00 am Complex Mitral Scenario II
David H. Adams
11:15 am Complex Mitral Scenario III
Tirone E. David
11:30 am Complex Mitral Scenario IV
Gebrine El Khoury
11:45 am Panel Wrap-up and Lasts Words
12:00 pm AATS Cardiovascular Valve Symposium Honored Lecture/Interview
Moderator: Pedro J. del Nido
Honored Lecturer: Tirone E. David
12:30 pm Lunch Session: Establishing a Center of Excellence
Thoralf M. Sundt and Walter J. Gomes
12:30 pm Critical Elements of the Team
Rui M S Almeida
12:45 pm Economic Aspects in Government Run Hospitals
Olivio Souza Neto
1:00 pm Establishing an Outreach Referral Network
Auristela Isabel de Oliveira Ramos
1:15 pm Discussion
1:30 pm Plenary Session IX: Challenges
Marc R. Moon and Leonardo A. Mulinari
1:30 pm Prosthetic Aortic Valve Endocarditis - Are Homografts Superior?
Thoralf M. Sundt
1:40 pm Root Enlargement, Stentless Xenografts, Homografts or Ross for the Small Root?
Tirone E. David
1:50 pm LV Outflow Obstruction - Ross/Konno
Pedro J. del Nido
2:00 pm Principles of Valve Sparing Root Repair
Joseph S. Coselli
2:10 pm Case Presentations and Discussion
2:30 pm Plenary Session X: Controversies in Thoracic Aortic Disease
Tirone E. David and Rui M. S. Almeida
2:30 pm Management of Aortic Dissection: The Impact of Technique of Proximal and Distal Repair on the Need for Reoperation
Marc R. Moon
2:40 pm Neurologic Protection in Aortic Arch Surgery
Thoralf M. Sundt
2:50 pm Open TAAA
Joseph S. Coselli
3:00 pm TEVAR for TAAA
Eduardo Keller Saadi
3:10 pm Case Presentations and Discussion
3:30 pm