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Achieving High-Impact Publication

Tips from AATS Editors and Editorial Board Members

Tips for Achieving High-Impact Publication:

Before writing the manuscript complete the following:

  1. Formulate a focused, clinically relevant research question
  2. Ensure the research question addresses and important research gap
  3. Complete a thorough literature review to confirm the study will not just re-confirm what is already known.
  4. Ask yourself four questions:
    1. Am I doing something new?
    2. Is there something challenging in my study?
    3. Will my results influence other researchers or practitioners across the disciplines?
    4. Am I providing solutions to a difficult problem?

When writing the manuscript focus on the following:

  1. Write clearly with a logical structure that mirrors the scientific method. For example, results should not be mixed into the Methods section, and methods should not be mixed into the Results section.
  2. Article Title and Abstract are the first elements of the manuscripts readers examine. Both should convey the study’s main message and not mislead or distract the reader. Please try to avoid abbreviations and acronyms.
  3. Introduction must be concise (three paragraphs at most). Outline the research question and provide the reader with a preview of where the paper is headed.
  4. Methods are best when highly detailed and explain the study so others can reproduce the results.
  5. Results are to be presented objectively. Do not overstate or findings and be forthright about the study’s limitations – it will strengthen the paper. Construct clear, uncluttered figures and tables
  6. Discussion offers the opportunity to answer the question posed in the Introduction. In the first paragraph of the Discussion, briefly reiterate the research problem and the question that was asked. Summarize the key findings and then provide detailed discussion of the findings in subsequent paragraphs.
  7. Conclusions must be directly supported by the data presented in the results.

JTCVS Editors share their tips on writing high quality submissions

Structural elements of a high-impact paper. Presented by: Vinay Badhwar (Moderator), Hunter Mehaffey, Dawn Hui, Mara Antonoff, and Emile A. Bacha

Assessing High-Impact Submissions. Presented by Vinay Badhwar at the AATS 102nd Annual Meeting