Third Andrew Morrow Research Scholarship 2018 – 2020

The American Association for Thoracic Surgery announces the Third Andrew Morrow Research Scholarship to provide an opportunity for research, training and experience for North American surgeons committed to pursuing an academic career in cardiothoracic surgery. The scholarship will be funded by the AATS Foundation and administered by the Association.

In 1985, the AATS established a two-year research scholarship awarded annually to a North American surgeon committed to pursuing an academic career in cardiothoracic surgery. Each year the Association honors one of the specialties major contributors to the science of cardiothoracic surgery through their efforts in basic and clinical research. This year’s scholarship recognizes the contributions of Dr. Andrew Morrow.

The research program must be undertaken within the first three years after completion of an approved cardiothoracic residency. Applications for the scholarship must be submitted during the candidate's first two years in an academic position. The duration of the scholarship is to be two years.

The yearly stipend shall be $80,000 paid to the host institution for support of salary, research supplies, travel and other legitimate academic expenses of the scholar. The stipend is to be used for direct salary support and related research expenses only; it cannot be used to support indirect institutional costs.

Successful applicants will receive complimentary registration to the 2018 AATS Annual Meeting in San Diego, California being held from April 28th – May 2nd as well as the 2019 AATS Annual Meeting in Toronto, Ontario, Canada May 4th-7th, 2019. During the Annual Meeting, the awardee(s) will be formally acknowledged during the AATS Foundation Reception.

The application will consist of the following components:
  • The candidate must submit a proposal for the research to be undertaken and a statement of career plans and how the research activity will relate to the candidate's academic career.
  • The Director of the laboratory in the institution at which the research will be performed shall submit an endorsement of the proposal and indicate the facilities and degree of support available for the candidate's research.
  • The Chairman of the candidate's department shall submit his or her endorsement of the proposal and confirm the candidate's academic appointment.
  • The Scholarship will begin July 1, 2018 and concludes on July 1, 2020. The scholar shall submit an interim and a final written report of his/her research activities to the Council of the Association.

Deadline Has Passed